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Our Psychic, Medium & Tarot Readers

Our readers are highly qualified and have all passed rigorous tests and interviews. Please see the table below for our list of readers, to see if they are available now click here or call our customer service team on 0800 915 2343 (+44 113 732 0626) for more information.

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Adele is an awakened empath, emotional and spiritual healer. She is able to guide clients by passing on messages and information to suggest powerful solutions for their future. Adele provides a space where clients can move beyond challenges in their conscious life, so that choices are based on their inner guidance. It was through her intuitive abilities she began to nurture her own empathic nature. The channels which opened up for her enabled her to get through many of life’s challenges. As such Adele is proficient and dedicated with over thirty years of experience. In her psychic work, Adele is highly successful, particularly in matters of self-examination. Her passion for life and love have grown stronger as have her skills and abilities. Adele believes that creativity is a life force to surviving and thriving in the present century. Through her gifts Adele can connect with the future and meet the angels in their purest form. She is completely open to all sorts of possibilities and is highly receptive to angelic guidance. Intuitively she perceives the eternal which dwells in love. Adele firmly believes that a complete transformation is possible, once the past has been relinquished. How we respond to this will largely depend on how willing we are to let go of the old and embrace the new! Real magic – real transformative power, lies within us, in our attitudes and in our willingness to grow.
My name is Aelissa. My life path and ancestry is Celtic. Many of my ancestors and present family are psychic. I'm psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and a far seer, although I am experienced with crystals, crystal balls, scrying mirrors, perdulism, psychometry and various card types. To me the tarot is the most versatile reader tool. The reasons and causes behind issues can be clearly seen; timescales are more accessible and probable outcomes clearer. Individual questions are more easily highlighted. Over the years I have done various classes on psychic development and at present writing a book on practical tarot. Psychic work offers me a chance to assist people to see more clearly the options and choices which otherwise can remain hidden.
Alice is a highly experienced psychic consultant of world renown. With particular expertise in tarot, she is also a hypnotherapist and specialises in past life regression. She has provided her services to businesses internationally and to the Police. Alice has spent her life assisting others in opening the door to greater spiritual awareness and growth. She sees herself as a conduit to pass on Divine messages of love. The area upon which she is most often called to assist her telephone clients is in the area of relationships. She receives amazing feedback from happy clients whom she has assisted through challenging times.
Angel has a strong psychic gift which she was born with, going beyond her actual years to ancient Zen wisdom. She thinks of herself as a sister of the ‘Soul Light’, guiding people to connect to their correct soul path. Angel has a unique gift of inner knowing and pure insight; she works alongside ascended masters and archangels and uses clairvoyance, medium and clairaudient skills. She has a soft, kind, sincere way about her, making it easy for people to relate to her and talk. Angel believes the spiritual essence is the heart of our being – she will share the wisdom, light and her healing energy with you which in turn will naturally brighten your day. Being a Reiki Master assists; Angel radiates healing energy within her colourful aura. She can also offer healing by long distance by her senses connecting to the Universal Life force energy, to balance your flow of Ch’i. Angel knows that every choice, job, and move is a step towards your real soul path. She will guide you, but know that there are no wrong choices, just lessons to be learned. Believe and Achieve, Much Blessings
Betty has many years’ experience working with her gifts which she inherited from her mother and has been aware from a young age. She is clairaudient and clairsentient and feels very blessed to have her guides and angels in her life. As Betty walks her own path here and faces her own challenges, she is given a greater insight into life, which she is able to pass on to others. Over time Betty has had to make character changes, to manage what life has thrown at her, in the process making her stronger and wiser. As a psychic medium Betty has a strong connection to her guides, they are very important to her and play a big part in her life. She is often asked if she really believes that there is another life awaiting us, and she always answers ‘how could I not believe, when I have had so much proof of their existence! Including love and guidance every day.’ Betty likes to meditate every day and enjoys being outdoors and amongst nature. She is very much a ‘people person’ and loves to connect to others and has a caring and sympathetic nature that comes through in her work. She enjoys her work and feels very grateful when she can assist other people, who are dealing with problems, this gives her a great deal of satisfaction.
Bryony is an incredibly insightful reader, who has been intuitive all of her life. She has never been trained or taught her skills; they are a natural intellectual gift. Favourite topics for Bryony are emotional journeys especially those involving relationships and major life decisions. Bryony is a very spiritual reader who works with her guide to tune into your energies and auras to assist you in your journey. She will look at your relationship and see why you are not connecting. Bryony can look at someone you want to be close to and see if there is a reason they are not coming forward. If you feel as if your career has stalled she will show you what blocks are in your path. Or maybe you just feel like you are not moving forward in life but can’t see why; Bryony will show you likely outcomes from changes you make from her vision and wisdom. As a trouble-shooter in business and the corporate world for over thirty-four years Bryony is well placed to give spiritual counsel in this area. If she sees your life pathway is blocked she will tune into the environment of what is going on around you and show you the way forward. Bryony is always honest about what she sees; she is a very creative and caring person who has a great empathy towards people and animals. She believes in everything natural and holistic and can’t resist beagle dogs with their cute pendant ears and cheeky personalities. Bryony’s philosophy is that love is all around – you just have to embrace it!
Ellie is a clairaudient, clairsentient and spiritual medium and comes from a Turkish gypsy background with Psychic abilities since childhood. When clients have a reading with her, they often sense the spiritual energy flowing. Ellie has the ability to tune into the soul. The client doesn’t even have to say a word as she can see through to the colours of their aura, which says so much about them, and look into their destiny. Ellie also has the ability to open the doors of the afterlife and pass on messages from loved ones that have crossed over, angels and elders. She may also be able to assist with dream interpretation and past life regression.
I am a clairvoyant medium/psychic, I see, feel and hear Spirit and have done so since I was four years of age. I have psychics on both side of my family - my maternal mother was gifted, as was her mother, my father’s sister was also clairvoyant. As a child I would have very vivid dreams, quite often these would prove to be insights into the future for members of my family. About 20 years ago I completed a three year course on deep meditation and learned to channel Spirit in an altered state of consciousness (known as trance). This enables me to channel the address when doing divine services at spiritualist churches. I have been doing platform work serving churches for sixteen years. For the past twenty-five years I have been involved in running the local spiritualist church and have been the president for the last seventeen years. At the church I run a mediumship/psychic development circle for those who wish to develop and polish their particular gifts. I am a spiritual healer and Reiki Master giving healing to both humans and animals. I feel very privileged that my Spirit Guides have chosen to work with me; I know and have faith in them implicitly.
Jancey is a hereditary psychic clairvoyant, born in Northern Ireland to Irish and Scottish parents with mainly Romany bloodlines who has been reading Tarot for over sixty years. Jancey’s spiritual awareness started at a young age. She was given her first deck of Tarot cards when she was just four years old and was encouraged and later taught the art of reading tea leaves and palm reading by her grandmother and grandmothers great aunt. Using Tarot when precise timings are needed; Jancey feels that the cards can give very specific information and insights into the right direction to be taking. Whether this is giving advice on matters of the heart or any other topic. At the tender age of twelve, Jancey read in public for clients and went on to do parties, fairs and demonstrations all over Britain and Eire. She has also been tested by the British Association of Psychics. Jancey still studies to this day and is a working Reiki Master. She would be delighted to read for you, with a calm and non-judgemental manner, Jancey offers upbeat readings that alongside her guides provides clients with straightforward answers and uplifting enlightened guidance on the way forward.
Jasmine is a clairsentient, clairvoyant medium. She has been psychic since she was five years old and has been working with her guides for over thirty-five years. She is a natural healer and has a special affinity with animals. Jasmine is able to transfigure spirit and loves the crystal ball, healing runes and numerology. She is an experienced reader, gentle and compassionate but will give you direct answers regarding your love life, family, work issues and more. Outside of work during the spring/summer months she teaches a monthly class for those who wish to expand their knowledge of psychic and spiritual studies or learn how to heal and communicate with their own animals.
Joanna is a qualified tarot reader with unrivalled experience both within the UK and abroad. She has devoted her life to spiritual study and growth. Nothing can shock or fluster Joanna as she has encountered so many different and unusual situations. She has even had personal experience of apparitions and is not fazed by them. She is always able to offer sage advice based on her unique perception and able to offer clarity when one is confused. She feels her highly attuned clairvoyance enables her to be very precise in discerning how things are and how they may progress. When it comes to relationships, family and work-related issues, Joanna is unquestionably someone who can be relied on for direction.
John has been a medium for over eleven years, he was aware of his gift at a very early age, but did not begin using it until after a near death experience. Now he works in Spiritual churches and halls in the United Kingdom and overseas. John organises and holds workshops that provide support and assistance to others wishing to develop their gifts. Being a Reverend, means that not only does he officiate at weddings and funerals, but he also acts as a psychic advisor, guiding people in their lives, in particular those going through difficult situations. He is often called upon to act as a spiritual counsellor for those experiencing the stages of grief following the loss of a loved one. His spirit guide says “Spirit is always in our life for a reason, to care about us when anything happens, especially when someone passes over. In the spirit world there is no worry, no crying and no pain, because we all join together in the spirit world as one.” That is why John believes in love and candour from the spirit world, and bringing the two worlds together, and letting people know that their loved ones are around them. John will sometimes use Tarot or Angel cards in a reading; his aim is to provide answers that enable folk to move on with their lives, having gained a sense of closure. Many people return to John time and again, because of his kind and calm approach to clients and readings.
My name is Karen, and from my early teens I came to know spirit and started doing predictions for friends. I assisted them in their personal life with their relationships and saw events clairvoyantly, which amazed them. I was always shy, sensitive and empathic and very approachable. In 1984 I started reading for clients and word soon spread how insightful I had been. Many told me of the comfort and aid I gave them and how well they felt after consulting me. I use my gift to guide people of all ages and also assist them feel calm and cope better, giving them a positive feeling. I have done stage work, but feel better working one to one. I can quickly connect to clients loved ones and for me this is why I love my gift. I would love to assist you so please have a consultation today and I will guide you on your journey and give you insight into your future through Clairvoyance.
Kelly is a medium who is in tune with her spiritual side. The good thing about Kelly is she does not like to ask questions or prey into situations. She prefers to see what she gets come through from Spirit first. Kelly feels this is a more insightful, calm and relaxing approach to her readings. It took Kelly a while to accept her gifts, as she was teased as a child and called a witch of God, among other things. However, she realised her gift was powerful and could assist people in all sorts of different situations. It pushed Kelly to go forwards with her development, which has led her to the path she is on now. As a reader, Kelly is empathetic and empowering. She engages in conversation while concentrating on her connection with Spirit. A reading with Kelly will leave you with a feeling of clarity about your situation. You will feel more relaxed about how to deal with your situation and how to proceed forward. Kelly is happy for you to stop her at any point and ask questions. She will listen and answer anything specific you want to know. Kelly also experiences visual images whilst doing her readings, so; she can get things in great detail through pictures. Being shown particular things can provide a client with great confirmation. In terms of her personal life, Kelly is a working mum with three children, who keep her on her toes, and she wouldn’t have it any other way! Kelly is a hands-on type of person and likes being busy. She is driven and motivated and enjoys pushing forward in life. If you have a preference for a Tarot reading, Kelly can offer that. She will share her insights and her psychic abilities with you, leaving you with no doubts. Kelly is very intuitive and keen to connect with you soon into the conversation. She connects through voice and can establish a spiritual connection no matter where in the world you are. Kelly has a lot of experience guiding people on their life journeys of healing and awakenings. So, why not give her a call?
Mariah is a very experienced clairvoyant and medium with a background within the Spritualist Church, including platform demonstrations. She has been aware of her gift from a young age through premonitions and sensing energies. Messages for her clients are channelled through her from her Spirit Guides. Mariah has a lifetime of psychic development and is schooled in tarot and can assist with healing and past life issues. Her extensive experience as a qualified counsellor is also an invaluable asset in advising clients who may find themselves in difficult situations.
I knew from a very young age that I was gifted. I trained as a nurse and this is where I found my calling to be a healer. I am a naturally sensitive and intuitive psychic, clairvoyant, medium and I use all these skills in my readings. I work with energy and can tune into a reading straight away identifying emotional, spiritual and psychological blocks. As a reader I do not predict as it is controlling, we all have choices and freewill, I make readings clear, honest and straight to the point. I will guide you to move through any blocks with ease. I am able to uncover emotional issues and relationship dynamics, and you can gain the confidence you need to make positive changes. As a spiritual medium, I work with angels and loved ones who have crossed over, bringing messages and reassurance to assist you come to terms with your loss so you find closure and comfort in difficult situations.
I am a professional, internationally-known medium clairvoyant and have worked with my gift for almost 25 years. Through my in-depth readings I can give guidance and direction, enabling you to make the right decisions and choices in relationships, business, career and finance. Many who have been bereaved contact me seeking comfort, hope and reassurance from their loved ones. I took part in a TV programme about mediumship. The representative from The Spiritual Association of Great Britain, who was present, said he felt I was a very sincere medium. I have also assisted in connection with missing persons; some of whom were very young children. I became aware of my psychic ability at the age of five, and in later years started giving messages at spiritual churches. I also attended workshops and completed hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming certificate courses. I am a very warm, sensitive, caring and compassionate reader, and always aim to leave my clients feeling calm, uplifted and optimistic about the future.
Michaela's first spiritual experience happened 30 years ago, and this dramatically changed her life. Later she was guided by a mystic for 5 years. She has been a psychic tarot reader for more than 12 years and not only reads the cards but images and words come to her out with the specific meanings of the cards. She believes that life experience is very valuable to be able to give a reading, which is why she is particularly good at readings on any type of relationship involving romance, family, work colleagues or neighbours. When her partner ended their relationship suddenly and without explanation, she was left without a home, lost her employment in his business and felt that she had lost her identity too. She turned to Spirit and successfully rebuilt her life. Michaela has empathy for everyone who contacts her.
Pauline is a hereditary psychic with gifted relatives on both sides of her family. Including her great aunt Hilda who was also a medium, so Pauline’s psychic gifts were to unfold likewise. In the beginning, Pauline started to have déjà vu experiences. She also became more tuned into signs and synchronicities employing Divine guidance, picking up what others were thinking via telepathy. When Pauline was a young housewife, she was fortunate enough to meet up with a like-minded lady (an Avon customer at the time) who lived in the same village. Her friend was also interested in developing her Tarot skills, which proved to be advantageous for them both. After a year or two, Pauline started to think about working in a more professional capacity; and so, approached various websites and was successful. She is married with a grown-up son and daughter and has two grandchildren. Pauline has continued to work in this field for over twenty years and added to her skills by becoming a Reiki Master and Counsellor – enjoying every minute along the way. One rainy Saturday afternoon, following a visit to her mums, Pauline was at a crossroad when she witnessed a monk flagging down the traffic. She looked and noticed he was dry, not impacted by the rain! Anyway, Pauline took another route home and didn’t think much more about it. However, the following week she read in her local Gazette that an accident had occurred at those very crossroads. A tree had fallen across the road and landed on the roof of a Mini, injuring two passengers. Pauline had a strong sense on reading the story that the monk was not from this dimension, as he had appeared and then vanished. To this day, she is sure that he had been trying to warn and protect her from imminent danger. Pauline still feels his presence during her readings. As a reader, Pauline enjoys giving general readings over the telephone. She specialises in relationship readings; and works with Tarot and Angel Cards, using her clairvoyance to tune into her Guides. Pauline also uses a Pendulum, particularly when a client is looking for a direct Yes or No answer. Why not give Pauline a call, and see what clarity she can provide you?
Raymond’s spiritual journey began in 1985 with his former psychic teacher, Ernest. He set Raymond on a path of spirituality, having not only spiritually healed him but also foretold that he would become a psychic and healer. Raymond is eternally grateful to Ernest as he opened his eyes to spirituality which he had no comprehension of. After all the support and guidance, he received from Ernest, he felt compelled to embark on his spiritual path to assist others. Joining; his local spiritualist church and participating in psychic circles, meditation, healing, seances, rescue work and paranormal investigations; allowed Raymond to develop and enhance his psychic skills and gifts. He learnt how to clear himself and the space of negative energies over several years. Later, Raymond would also learn mediumship at Arthur Findley college. All this training and knowledge has given Raymond the skills required to conduct psychic readings, which he has been doing online for the past seven years and much longer for face-to-face readings. He is a practising psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. In addition, he uses Numerology, Runes, and a Crystal Ball in his readings. Raymond has faith in his spirit guides to convey messages and offer assistance. The style of reading he performs picks up on the issues or aspects that are most relevant or prevalent to you and your life at the time. Calls might cover topics like relationships, love, career, business, family or spiritual issues in whichever form they take. As a psychic, the greatest attributes he believes he can offer a client are love and respect; he has for people and his caring nature. He takes great pride and satisfaction when a client thanks him, and Raymond knows he has supported and guided them. He loves speaking to people of different backgrounds, life experiences and nationalities. He is always nonjudgmental and believes in providing self-empowerment, giving you the necessary tools to aid yourself in alleviating any problems. Over the years, Raymond has acquired many skills and experiences which complement his work as a psychic reader and have given him a deeper understanding of spirituality. For example, he is a Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Healer, Aromatherapist and Herbalist. He is also an adviser on the use of crystals; and the use of Holy/Pagan/Wiccan Oils and Incense, which can be utilised for repelling negative vibrations. Raymond’s perspective is what affects the mind affects the body, and what affects the body affects the spirit. This was taught to him; by his teacher Ernest and he has found it to be just so. Wishing love, light and peace to you, Raymond.
Robbie is a very positive and powerful trance medium, healer and intuit. A natural psychic since childhood, he works with his Samurai guide Yashubi and Archangel Metatron to connect with your guides for whatever particular worry or concern you may have. He has the highest integrity, so your secrets are always safe. He has a group of over a 1000 people in NYC who meditate to his books ‘Metatron, this is the Clarion call’ and ‘Metatron, this is the Healing book’ every month in Central Park. As a natural distant healer, many of his clients feel the healing power of Spirit as they speak with him. Robbie is very friendly and sensitive to your problems. A natural empath, he finds himself feeling your dilemma and finding solutions, guidance and predictions through inspirational epiphany in the moment. bbieHe is a channel that Spirit works through and he spends much of his time in meditation, prayer and yoga. Robbie is a raw vegan with a pure philosophy of love and service, he will sincerely guide you in any way he can. His readings are always infused with divine love and humour.
I decided to follow my spiritual path seriously some years ago after realising that my life just wasn’t working the way I wanted it to. After completing my Reiki Mastership, I knew that my life would never be the same again, and I came to the full realisation that I needed to commit totally to the much-needed work for Spirit and for the great love of humanity. As a Spiritual Medium my greatest joy is in giving messages from the platform in Spiritualist churches, and of course in the very beneficial work of hands-on healing. I love to teach people about their own spiritual awareness, their own self-empowerment and their own great joy in living a spiritual life. There is nothing better than to see the happiness and wonder on my students’ faces when they make a connection for the first time with their own Spirit Guides.
My work has taken me all over the world, I get messages from spirit through thoughts, feelings and visions; I work on your voice vibration which assists with the connection with clarity from spirit. I have advised many people and I have had many spiritual experiences myself to guide me through life. My psychic ability is a good tool for answers about certain situations especially where clarity is needed. My readings are given in earnest; I have over 28 years of experience in spiritual work. I have worked in the media for the past 18 years with my gift. Which includes several TV Shows and I have written for quite a few magazines. I have also had my own radio show on two different radio stations. I like to be as direct as I can be as to the messages given to me from spirit.
Sarah is a reader who started learning the art of Tarot and spiritual reading from an early age. Now with over 20 years of experience with the cards, she has a unique outlook and understanding of this ancient art. She also has in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience working closely with a vast range of crystals and natural tools for spiritual guidance and healing. Her unique blend of core Wiccan beliefs and traditional Shamanic practices let her tailor her readings for each individual and align them with the Luna cycle, personal zodiac signs and natural spiritual knowledge. Working in conjunction with the wheel of the year and natures cycles means that each reading that Sarah gives is uniquely tuned into the natural influences that are affecting and influencing the client at the time of their call. Life and work revolve around Sarah’s devotion to nature and the spirits that surround us. In her own words, she gives an insight into her daily practice: “I believe that working with crystals, the Luna cycle and all the tools that the natural world provides has to be a way of life. Once you discover all that Mother Earth is providing us with you realise that everything you need is right here waiting for you, all you have to do is open your eyes, body and heart and receive these gifts. Of course, always giving thanks and gratitude for everything that Mother Earth is willing to provide for us. I hope to be a conduit for the bounty of the natural world for my clients, and with the aid of Tarot, crystals, natural tools and cycles I can guide you to look deep within yourself and find answers to any questions you have to ask.” Sarah takes her passion for the natural and spiritual world to the next level when it comes to her daily life. Eating a purely clean diet and focusing on natural nourishment supports keeping her intuition and connection with nature and the spirits as pure and deep as possible. She also uses a range of natural herbs, crystals, incense and rituals in her daily life for a deeper connection to the spirit and natural world. As a reader, Sarah is happy to work with a wide variety of tools and techniques, let her experience aid you in your journey and answer any questions that are playing on your mind. Sarah most often works with the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck; however, she does have a range of other decks for you to choose from, so please do not hesitate to ask for whichever you feel most drawn to. Working with crystals during her readings allows Sarah to connect on a deeper and more personal level with you. She also regularly uses candles, incense and natural oils and herbs during her readings to further connect to the spirit world. “I want my callers to feel at home and relaxed during my readings. The spirits and I are here to guide, heal and offer insight into your personal situation and in doing, assist you to open up to the world around, but also inside yourself.” Why not get in touch? Sarah looks forward to guiding you on your journey with respect, gratitude and devotion.
Teya comes from a long line of healers and psychics on both sides of her family. Born in Rhodesia and raised in Southern Africa within a spiritually diverse, rich and often challenging mix of ethnicities and cultures. Since her earliest memory, she has had a deep and intimate relationship with the natural and spirit world. Her whole life, Teya has been naturally clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and mediumistic, able to connect to, feel, and receive the thoughts, voices, mental impressions and emotions of those who have crossed over into the spirit plane. Teya has travelled all around the world, living and training extensively with traditional medicine men and women, beginning with learning the ancient art of African Divination at the age of seven. For over twenty-eight years she has worked professionally, both regionally and internationally in the fields of Shamanism, holistic health and psychic development. She has immersed herself in many healing processes and gained several professional certifications; ranging from Esogetic Medicine and African Divination to Shamanic Healing and 5Rhythms Dance® facilitation, clairvoyant mediumship, bereavement counselling and much more. From being extremely sensitive and dealing with various neurodivergence all of her life and coming from a very difficult childhood, she has been no stranger to grief and trauma. Moving through life’s many challenges, as many of us do, she has been led (indeed sometimes pushed, into powerful journeys of self-discovery, loving, losing and mostly learning). Teya has discovered sacred and even delightful pathways of healing and growth. It is through these initiations and experiences, that she has been bestowed with more skill as a healer, than from any of the professional modalities that she has trained. Through her profound journey of self-healing, she has walked with many beings needing guidance and/or transitioning away from this reality. Her medium gifts and connection to the spirit and natural world, enable her to communicate with your departed loved ones. She is also adept in animal communication, known also as Interspecies Telepathic Communication, which is the telepathic and empathic communication between individuals of varying species. Teya’s readings are known to be deeply profound, sensitive and candid, always offered with warmth, humour and utmost respect. She aims to serve your highest and best interests, as well as connect you to your innate source of wisdom. Her sessions often shed light upon any areas of blockage that may need healing and transmuting, with a prayer to assist in the manifestation of your highest and best potential in life, health, love and/or career.
Toby is a natural clairvoyant of Celtic descent. He employs various tools to delve into the heart of matters, with his preferred method typically starting with Tarot and then progressing from there. During readings, Toby’s goal is to present options for moving forward and offer clients choices or potential outcomes based on their circumstances. He has explored numerous forms of divination over the years and consistently seeks to acquire new knowledge to benefit his clients. Toby comes from a family with inherent psychic abilities, albeit none of them would use the word psychic since they are too down to earth! Toby has gleaned wisdom from others and generously imparts his own knowledge as needed. Additionally, he practices white witchcraft and willingly assists those interested in this area. As both a reader and individual, Toby exudes warmth, kindness, and compassion; he takes great pleasure in uncovering the core issues affecting his clients. His philosophy revolves around assisting to rebalance situations when people are unhappy. If asked, Toby would say that over the years he has guided many people using whatever tools were at his disposal, two of the weirdest being a Bacardi & coke and an ashtray! Toby aims to provide well-rounded, uplifting readings infused with empathy and delivered in a practical manner. Specialising in problem-solving, Toby offers solutions in a straightforward yet empathetic way.
Vanessa has worked for over forty years with her gifts as a natural hereditary psychic, healer and spiritual medium. She is clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant, a gifted animal healer and communicator and an Usui Reiki Master teacher. She finds particular joy in attuning her students to Reiki energy and watching them develop their own paths in this wonderful healing modality. Although she has always been aware of her gifts, she was for a long time caring for a family member and had little time to think of widening her scope beyond supporting her immediate family and friends. Vanessa really began to work in a wider arena after becoming a Reiki Master. She has volunteered since the pandemic with a project that connects certified Reiki healers with front line hospital staff and paramedics, offering distance Reiki healing in a structured way to support them during the intense and unprecedented stresses of Covid 19. Attunement to Reiki also intensified her abilities in communicating with animals, both in Spirit and on the Earth plane. She regularly works with a herd of therapy equines providing support to them and their owner. “Often, if one of the donkeys or horses has a need, they will interrupt my day with an urgent communication! Their owner quickly responds once I have told them, and in this wonderful co-operative manner we have been amazed at the increased wellbeing of the herd. It is such a privilege to offer a voice to animals.” Vanessa may use crystals, Oracle cards, Angel cards or Tarot cards to connect with you and your life purpose and provide loving guidance. As a distance healer and a natural empath, she can offer healing throughout your reading and many people feel the peace of this connection whilst talking with her. Her gifts enable her to tune into the issues that surround you and offer the guidance that will be most relevant to your situation, be it relationships, family, career or spiritual matters. As a lifelong worker with Spirit, she is constantly developing her gifts, whilst working for the highest good of all her clients. Vanessa is a direct channel for Spirit, working with her Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters in bringing healing, and evidential and trance mediumship. Her approach is friendly and sympathetic to your problems, and she is always willing to listen and reassure you throughout the reading. “I would like to feel that all my callers feel comfortable and able to discuss their problems freely with me. We all have a life purpose and need to exercise our free will in achieving it. I work to bring the loving guidance and support of Spirit into the world, offering a space that is nurturing and free of judgement. In this space, Spirit and I may let you find clarity of thought, and insight to see your way forward in the way that is uniquely right for you.”